Your listing may not appear for a number of reasons, please follow these few steps to rectify:

Problem: Are you able to login? If not, your listing may have been deactivated.
Solution: Please resend activation code and attempt to login using the link in email.

Problem: Are your listing availbility dates are in the past?
Solution: Free listings with availbility dates in the past are deactivated periodically. Please edit your listing update your availbility dates to prevent deactivation.

Problem: Have you set the "Hide listing" to Yes?
Hide Homestay Host Listing
Solution: Please edit your listing and change Hide listing? to No.

Problem: I cannot find my listing in the map of hosts when I search for my suburb.

Did you complete your address correctly selecting one of the addresses that appear as you type?
Solution: Please edit your listing and update your address. This is necessary so we are able to geolocate your address properly.

Tip: Have you tried extending the proximity?